Double Twist Trio Sock Pattern

Let Me Introduce Double Twist Trio

I just released a new sock pattern on Ravelry and Payhip, Double Twist Trio.

Double Twist Trio sock knit in Madelinetosh Tosh Sock

I love a lot of things about this sock design. The number one thing is the return on mental investment. What do I mean by that? Some cable patterns are really attention-intensive as you’re knitting them. Cables on every other round, or even every round. It’s too much to keep track mentally, and you’re tied to the pattern the whole time. Not this sock. It manages to be intricate and fairly easy at the same time. One of my test knitters shared that she knit the second sock almost by memory. I did too! But it was awfully nice to know that others found it to be that intuitive, as well. It’s what I was aiming for.

I also want to highlight is the sizing accessibility. I want everyone to be able to enjoy wearing handknit socks. When I worked as a home health nurse, I cared for many patients with swelling in their feet, ankles and lower legs. The XL 80 stitch sock is designed with them in mind. And the XS 48 stitch sock is the perfect bookend. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I knit the XS size in DK weight and it fit my size M foot perfectly! See??

Double Twist Trio sock knit in Barnyard Knits DK

As it happens, I ended up designing 5 slightly different cable patterns to accommodate the different sizes. That was a fun challenge! (I know not everyone likes knitting from charts, so I wrote out line-by-line directions for all 5 sizes, too.)

Test Knitter Feedback

My test knitters (thank you, dearest collaborators!) loved knitting this sock, and I hope you will too! Here are some of their comments:

“Pattern is very well written and easy to follow using either the charts or written directions. I especially liked this heel. It fits well and is easy to do with no stitches to pick up and no gusset. This pattern would be a really nice first toe up sock.”

“I love the cable pattern, it was easy to do and read from the chart, which is what I used. The heel instructions were different from any heel I had done and I really liked how they turned out, without any holes at the edges.”

“Loved the cables! A sock is a nice way for inexperienced knitters to try them – the chart is only 40 stitches or less!”

I’d love to see your finished Double Twist Trio socks on social media! Use #doubletwisttriosocks on Instagram.