Botan Yuki Scarf

Our first snow of the season in central Virginia was a Botan Yuki one!

Are you familiar with the term? I was not, until my friend Devon educated me. I couldn’t think of a name for this pattern, and held a naming contest on Instagram. Devon suggested the name Botan Yuki, which is Japanese for “Peony Snow.” That’s those huge flakes that fall from the sky when conditions are just right for the snow particle to melt and stick to its neighboring flakes.

We had a Botan Yuki snow here in Centenary the day I cast on for this scarf. It seems only fitting that I released the pattern on the day that the next big snow fell.

The Botan Yuki scarf is knit in two pieces and grafted in the middle, allowing the knitter to use every bit of their precious hand-dyed yarn. Each end is bordered with a stranded motif, with soothing stockinette in-the-round in between. The snowflake motif does have some long floats, but they will be hidden on the inside of the work, so there is no need to worry about trapping them. Once the stranded part is finished, the scarf is perfect knitting for watching your favorite shows or taking to knit-night gatherings.

Grab your copy now on Payhip or Ravelry.

(I had great fun taking these photos; it was less amusing an hour later when I was cold and wet and the power went off! Luckily, it was only interrupted for a few hours.)