The Yarn Yogi Socks


Hey fellow knitters! Buckle up because I’m about to take you on a delightful journey through my recent knitting adventure: the Yarn Yogi socks. We’ll delve into colors, yarn intricacies, design challenges, and a collaboration that’s as whimsical as it sounds!

Collaboration with the Traveling Yarn Yogi

These socks are crafted in collaboration with The Traveling Yarn Yogi. A mobile yarn shop in a mini bus? It’s as delightful as it sounds! Imagine the freedom of hitting the road, sharing the love for yarn, and connecting with knitters across places. I’m not the only one who thinks this is a dream job, right?

The (bespoke) Yarn Yogi colorway

Have you ever come across a shade that simply makes your heart skip a beat? That’s precisely how I felt with the Yarn Yogi colorway. Emma’s Yarn colorways have always been a treat, but this particular shade, with its mesmerizing depth, is a masterpiece. It’s almost as if the yarn whispers its own story, just waiting for you to craft it.

Silk vs. Nylon

The base I used for this design has no nylon in it.  Instead, it contains 20% silk. Not only does the silk impart a gentle glow (it’s a must-see!), but it’s also robust and durable. Silk is the strongest natural fiber there is, making it perfect for a pair of one hundred percent natural handknit socks.  Remember that one of the first uses of the new nylon material was to replace silk stockings with a cheaper manufactured alternative.

Test knitter feedback

The design, my most intricate to date, had me second-guessing my decisions. Would I always be tied to the chart? But much to my delight, midway through my second pattern repeat, everything clicked! Test knitters agreed.  Here’s what they had to say.

“Very fun pattern to knit! Complex enough to keep my interest all the way to the end,
but easily memorizable by the second pattern repeat.”

“Used written instructions for first pattern repeat and charted after that – both clear to follow. Pattern was clearly written, well organized and easy to follow, no issues other than those previously corrected. The socks turned out great – beautiful pattern!”

“I learned some new techniques like making a toe up sock, twisting of the stitches on each edge, Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy bind off and the Shadow Wrap technique.”

“I love the pattern, and really enjoyed knitting it, and also knitting cables without a cable needle. I never thought I would be able to do that!”

The Left Twist stitch - my Knitting growth opportunity

The leaf motif is bordered by columns of single cable cross stitches.  I knew I wanted them to mirror each other, but I had a problem.  I’d never used a “left twist” cable stitch in any pattern I’ve knitted.  I’ve written several patterns that use a “right twist” cable and I love how easy it is to complete without a cable needle.  There were several variations of left twist cables to choose from and I think I found the one that most closely matches the right twist, and it’s the least fiddly of the ones I found.

There was still a bit of a learning curve, but before long, the left twist stitch was flying off my needles as easily as its counterpart.

Ready to cast on?

There you have it, my friends: a peek into my Yarn Yogi sock journey. Available in three adult sizes with a detailed lace and cable pattern, I invite you all to embark on this knitting adventure. And when you do, share your stories; I’d love to hear them. Until then, happy knitting and always chase the joy in every stitch!

You can find the Yarn Yogi sock pattern on Ravelry, Payhip, and in kits at The Traveling Yarn Yogi.