Ladder to the Lost World Socks

A Slip-stitch Design Perfect for Heavily Variegated Yarns

Welcome to an in-depth look at the Ladder to the Lost World socks knitting pattern. This unique design pairs style with simplicity and offers an engaging knitting experience that results in a beautiful pair of socks.  


Ladder to the Lost World is a knitter’s dream when it comes to heavily variegated yarn. Furthermore, this pattern is easy to memorize, making it a perfect project to carry with you, whether you’re heading to the beach or just enjoying a quiet afternoon at the park.

Choosing the perfect yarn

Yarnaceous Fibers Salta Fingering in Zombiesaurus is a variegated and speckled colorway that is absolutely mesmerizing. The yarn base has an impressive blend of softness and durability. Despite heavy use, socks knitted from it remain in excellent condition, showing no signs of wear.  

I experimented with several stitch motifs before landing on the ideal one that allows this colorway to truly shine.   This pattern plays beautifully with any high-contrast, variegated sock yarn, but looks equally wonderful in a solid colorway.  Check out the test knits on Ravelry for inspiration!

Unraveling the Pattern: Slip Stitches and Broken Rib

The key to this design is the interplay between slip stitches and the broken rib. The slip stitches disrupt the color pooling typical in variegated yarns, while the broken rib adds texture and visual interest. You’ll notice there are no resting rounds in this pattern – a deliberate choice to simplify round tracking. By alternating between the two round types, you can easily track your progress without a row counter.

Test Knitters approve!

The pattern has been put to the test by a group of talented knitters, and I’m thrilled to share their feedback. Here’s what they had to say:

  • “Pattern was great. Both the written directions and the chart were easy to follow. Stitch pattern for sock was very easy to remember. I like the way the heel was given row for row. Even though I’ve made this type of heel before, someone who hasn’t done the Shadow Wrap Heel before would find the directions very helpful.”
  • “Simple to remember once you get through one or two repeats. Perfect for the waiting room!”
  • “Loved knitting this pattern, it was easy to memorize and the knitting went quickly. They fit great, I was wondering if they would because of the slightly smaller stitch count, and they fit very nicely. I look forward to wearing them.”
  • “I enjoyed knitting this project. Learned a few new things such as the ladder stitches, short row heel, twisted rib, & Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. The instep stitches were easy to memorize after doing it a few times. The short row heel had good instructions and I liked doing your version of the twisted rib.”

Our test knitters’ versions of the Ladder to the Lost World socks highlight the beauty and versatility of this pattern. We hope their experiences inspire you to cast on your own pair!

Embark on your knitting journey

I invite you to experience the joy of knitting the Ladder to the Lost World socks. The journey is as rewarding as the final product, offering you a chance to work with stunning yarns and engaging stitch patterns. I can’t wait to hear about all the places your knitting takes you!