12 Dazzling Days of Baubles Day 1 Reveal

Wisp o’ Wisteria - The Beginning of a Candlelit Journey

Welcome to the first day of our festive knitting adventure, “The 12 Dazzling Days of Baubles,” where we unravel the charm of Christmas, one stitch at a time. Today, we cast on with a shade that whispers the tranquility of a silent night sky – ‘Wisp o’ Wisteria’. This bauble, the first of twelve, is knit with Quintessa Sparkle yarn by Marianated Yarns, a single merino blend that glints with a hint of silver sparkle, reflecting the gentle serenity of candlelight.

Each pattern in this journey is more than just a project; it’s a narrative spun from yarn, a story told in textures and hues. As we gather around the warmth of our hearths and the glow of our candles, this textured bauble brings with it the soft embrace of the season. It’s a tale of quiet beginnings, the hush of snowfall, and the anticipation of joyous gatherings.

Join me as we knit our way through the days, sharing moments of creativity and peace. Let the subtle glimmer of ‘Wisp o’ Wisteria’ in our Quintessa Sparkle yarn illuminate the start of a journey that promises to be as heartwarming as the Christmas spirit itself.

Join the 2023 Bauble Along

I’m very excited to invite you to the fifth annual Bauble Along! We will be celebrating our love of baubles from November 12 through January 6th.